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Organization making sure everyone’s voices are heard in crucial runoff races

Dec 14, 2020

By Gabriella DeLuca, WPXI-TV From here in Pittsburgh all the way to Georgia, a national organization is working to make sure voices are heard — especially in minority communities, all in the name of democracy.

“We are knocking on doors, phone banking, sending off messages ... on social media for 1,000 Women Strong, and we are getting it done,” said Dr. Kimberly Ellis. Ellis holds many roles. She created Black Politics Matter in Pittsburgh, and is now the communications director for 1,000 Women Strong. “The nation has finally awakened to the power of Black women grassroots organizers, and this particular organization grew directly of Stacy Abrams’ campaign,” Ellis said. We are getting real about the important issues in our communities – from racism to housing and healthcare inequities to policing reforms. We bring you stories that tackle the tough issues and give a voice to the often marginalized voices in our city. For the last few weeks, several of their members have been in the 2nd Congressional District in Georgia, encouraging people, in particular minority women, to cast their vote in the senate runoff election. “The national election came down to Allegheny County for many different reasons, and I think that the Black communities here needed to be further empowered, and in the 2nd Congressional district those Black communities need to be further empowered,” Ellis said. One of the women doing the door-knocking has roots in Allegheny County. Kali Cummings was the campaign manager for Pennsylvania state representative Summer Lee, who took what she learned to Georgia. “There are people in all of these communities that know everyone, talk to everyone and actually whether they know it or not , helped turn out the vote every single election,” Cummings said. And stress the vital role that Black women play in society. Their next focus is COVID-19 relief and disparities in minority communities.

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