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A national organizing hub for Black women and their allies

Our mission


We are a national constituency that provides resources, recruits, trains, mobilizes, and organizes at the intersection of issues that impact Black Women and our extended communities.


Our mission is to empower Black Women through a robust network that provides a platform for communication, networking, and information sharing to amplify Black Women’s voices in their respective spaces.


Our Purpose

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Black women have always been at the forefront of every American Social Movement. From Abolition to the earliest Civil Rights and ongoing Human Rights Movements, Black Women have always laid the foundation for resistance and organizing—and are still leading the way.


Our vision is to provide resources that supports their efforts by creating a hub where Black women can organize and mobilize around the issues that impact us and our extended communities.

Our Path

We value uplifting Black women’s leadership by recruiting, training and mobilizing our membership base through Peer2Peer Contact, Storytelling and Visibility.

  • We are grounded in the entire organizing cycle: relationships, research, action, and rest.


  • We are a place that will equally promote and normalize: education, action and wellness while in community with each other.

  • We are a unifying force on behalf of its membership, which is representative of every form of Black Women.


  • Our Creed is: Come As You Are!

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An organizing and advocacy

501c4 nonprofit social welfare organization.

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