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The Seven State Strategy


In the historic 2022 midterms, we added capacity and focused our grassroots efforts in seven states to educate, mobilize and empower voters to use their voices at the polls. The results proved something that we’ve known for a long time: grassroots organizing is powerful. And it works.


Northeast Texas 2022 Voter Turnout Program

Building on the statewide infrastructure, coalition, and capacity building that has been ramping up since the 2018 cycle and the national spotlight on the state’s controversial decisions around voting rights and family planning, 1000 Women Strong added capacity and shifted our focus to most of CD4 as well as part CD1 to turn out voters for progressive statewide candidates.

By the numbers:

  • 1 office location in Grand Prairie

  • 3 counties (Dallas, Tarrant, Ellis) covered with 3 passes

  • 21,363 doors canvassed

  • 2 State-based organizers

  • 24 local total canvassers

  • 54,109 text messages sent


Southwest Georgia 2022 Voter Turnout Program

We kicked off direct voter engagement outreach and direct canvassing to rural Georgia voters that live in the Coastal Plains and Piedmont regions of the state. We are dedicated to educating, engaging and mobilizing our constituency of voters throughout the entire election cycle. These efforts were in direct support of holding key federal and state seats, as well as supporting progressive candidats. In addition, we were the only grassroots organizing effort in rural Georgia. During the Senate runoff election, we were able to reach more than 100,000 rural voters in less than one month.

By the numbers:

General Election:

  • 3 office locations (Macon, Columbus, Douglas)

  • 17 counties canvassed

  • 67,452 total doors canvassed

  • 5 In-state organizers

  • 47 total canvassers
  • 24,997 text messages sent


Runoff Election:

  • 4 office locations (Macon, Columbus, Albany, Blakely)
    - 14 counties canvassed (Bibb, Clay, Decatur, Dougherty, Early, Houston, Miller, Muscogee, Randolph, Sumter, terrell, Clark, Twiggs, Newton)

  • 65,087 doors canvassed

  • 5 In-state organizers

  • 81 total canvassers

  • 161,865 messages sent


Western Pennsylvania 2022 Voter Turnout Program

We made a goal to knock on 52,000 doors over seven months – or the equivalent of 75K voters. We built upon the record 2020 turnout in Pennsylvania and added collaborative grassroots organizing capacity in the western region to focus on rural voters and support a progressive Senate candidate as well as the key district of CD18.


By the numbers:

  • 1 office location in Mckeesport

  • 122 precincts touched with 2 passes

  • 14,724 total doors canvassed

  • 32,350 total calls made

  • 93,481 text messages

  • 4 In-State organizers

  • 34 total canvassers


Central Virginia 2022 Voter Turnout Program

Building on our 2021 groundwork in statewide election efforts, we targeted CD7 to support turnout for federal elections. Our 2022 district-wide canvassing, visibility, and the digital program targeted 51,497 doors in a universe of Black women households – which was equivalent to 123,651 voters. This turnout effort was focused on outreach for Congressional races.


By the numbers:

  • 1 In-state organizer

  • 4 GOTV Events

  • 41 texting shifts

  • 10 local canvassers

  • 123,013 text messages sent


Michigan 2022 Voter Turnout Program

Our target universe in Michigan was CD11, where we focused on educating, engaging, and mobilizing 62,796 Black women households comprising 144,114 registered voters. Our state-based work, along with our partner affiliations, allowed effective, responsive collaboration across the state for voter mobilization and support for progressives candidates.

North Carolina

Rural North Carolina 2022 Voter Turnout Program

We added voter engagement and turnout capacity for the 2022 open State Senate seat. Our target universe included CD1 and CD4 in support of Congressional races, encompassing 118,092 households comprising 194,217 registered voters throughout the region.


Central Florida 2022 Voter Turnout Program

Florida’s status as a swing state drove our efforts, adding capacity and shifting focus for Black women constituents and their communities throughout the I-4 corridor target universe in Central Florida. We fought for a progressive Senate candidate, statewide leadership, the open CD11 seat, and defending the CD9 incumbent. We focused on reaching 179,408 registered voters in the top 3 counties along the I-4 corridor.

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