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  • Why do you do this work? ⬇️
    Because there is too much at stake not to. Black women have always been at the forefront of every American social movement, and they continue to lead the way. In the face of various challenges – voter suppression, anti-choice movement, crippling student debt and more – 1000 Women Strong is a national organizing hub that helps Black women reclaim their power with resources, training and mobilization, so they can have an impact on the issues that affect their lives.
  • How do you organize? ⬇️
    We are unique: we are on the ground, 365 days a year, to build the Beloved Community. We invest in people first to ensure sustained, strong connections on the ground in various regions, states and communities. We reject “parachute politics” in favor of real, scalable results.
  • What are you focused on right now? ⬇️
    Reproductive justice. Food insecurity. Paid Family and Medical Leave. Environmental justice. The cancellation of student debt. Elections. (Learn about our Seven-State Strategy.) Local community work.
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