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1K Women Strong Begins Mobilizing for Midterm Elections in Key States

Oct 20, 2021

1K Women Strong recently received a grant from Bridge Together, a fund supported by American Bridge 21st Century to continue year round organizing and civic engagement aimed at Black women in pre-identified key political states going to the 2021 midterm and 2022 elections.

The new fund, called Bridge Together, has been created to support grassroots organizations in Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Wisconsin, and Nevada. It will be spearheaded by the group’s co-chair Gov. Deval Patrick. He served as the Gov. of Massachusetts from 2007-2015.

1K Women Strong will receive a grant to expand and build capacity ahead of the midterms from American Bridge 21st Century through the Bridge Together funding.

“We are grateful to continue our work in Georgia with American Bridge 21st Century to build on our mobilizing and organizing ground game and increase capacity ahead of the midterms,” said Shakya Cherry-Donaldson, Executive Director of 1K Women Strong. “The funding will help us connect Black and brown voters that are often overlooked in our communities with trusted information and resources before the midterm election.”

“Organizing has to go deeper than getting out the vote on the eve of an election cycle,” said Gov. Deval Patrick. “It has to be about forming relationships of trust and support year-round and about listening to and learning from local communities. Civic engagement is the foundation for lasting change and real political power. I want donors who support progressive politics to value and invest in that.”

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