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Netroots Nation: How rural community turnout made (and kept) Georgia blue

Aug 1, 2023

At this year's Netroots Nation conference, 1000 Women Strong presented a live panel on black rural organizing in front of America's progressive organizers.

Rural community turnout made (and kept) Georgia blue this past election, and our collective work of mobilizing Black folks in rural areas is essential to preserving — and strengthening — the American democratic process. We were honored to share our strategies and tactics.

Year-round holistic organizing empowers our communities. It's how we're able to turn out the vote and ensure that our communities have a say in the democratic process. With your partnership, here's what we were able to accomplish last year in Georgia:

Between June 1 and November 8, 2022:

3 office locations (Macon, Columbus, Douglas)
5 In-state staff
47 total canvassers
17 counties canvassed

67,452 doors knocked
24,997 text messages sent

Runoff Election:

4 office locations (Macon, Columbus, Albany, Blakely)
5 In-state staffers
81 total canvassers
14 counties canvassed

65,087 doors knocked

Our organizing takes place in multiple states, 365 days a year. We build strong, connected networks year-round that pay dividends in local, state and federal elections. Thank you for your partnership!

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